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“Carry the Water” was among the TOP FOLK ALBUMS of 2014 (#69) and Lucy is among the TOP FOLK ARTISTS of 2014 (#137). Thanks to all of the folk DJ’s for their wonderful support (See DJ list in Radio Section) and to Kari Estrin for her dedicated radio promotion!




Big thanks to Paul Riley of Country Music People (UK) for including "Carry the Water" in his Top Ten CD's of 2014! Riley says, “A CD that demands multiple plays, as it reveals itself, almost like a stripper. A disc with well-written songs, the singer’s addictive voice and John Jennings’ spot-on production.” Heartfelt thanks to my dear friend John Jennings for his wonderful production - such a great honor and pleasure to work with him on this CD!




“As Music Director of KC Café Radio I receive a lot of music every day to review for airplay.  Rarely do I hear a CD that not only impresses me but that stays with me long after first listening.  Lucy Billings’ Carry the Water is one such CD.  From the opening notes of the title track to the final refrain of “State of Blind.” This is an album in which the songs not only open your mind but wrap around your heart.  The honest and straightforward emotions that Lucy conveys in her lyrics will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes, sometimes in the same song.  Grammy - winning producer, John Jennings’ simple but effective arrangements puts Lucy’s songs in a perfect light.  There is no beating around the bush with Lucy’s songs, but she doesn’t hit you over the head with the point. Instead she leads you with a kind, steady and guiding hand to the truth.  Carry the Water by Lucy Billings is the perfect blend of music and lyrics delivered by a strong, soothing, secure voice.”

Kathy Forste, Music Director, KC Café Radio


"a third helping of her addictive music.... Lucy Billings has few rivals in the Americana/ folky area....a very underrated songwriter....someone of Lucy Billings talent should be on a major record label." 5 STARS

Paul Riley, Country Music People - READ MORE


"stunning in its lyrics....with equally beautiful melodies, vocals, instrumentation and production"

Jackie Morris, FolkWorks - READ MORE


"Lucy Billings has the presence of a folk musician, a natural ability to reveal the flesh and flaws of others without judgment, offering solace in a phrase and inspiration in ideas.... Carry the Water talks of the things in life that we may take for granted, exposes what we think is important and suggests that we may want to look a little closer to see what we are missing."

Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root - READ MORE





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Most musicians have a day job, at least until they get fired. For Lucy Billings, it was working on contracts in a law office. When the ax came down, she was able to focus on music, and in 2011 released No Other Road. The album was produced by John Jennings, who has worked extensively with Mary Chapin Carpenter, and it features musicians including Jon Carroll, Robbie MacGruder and Lloyd Maines.


The songs deal with Lucy's childhood growing up in Tucson, and also the effect of the economic downturn. There's even a tragicomic song about her father, who died of a heart attack behind the wheel. As Lucy tells us, everything about that one is true. She also provides some insights as to what that girl with the guitar in the coffee shop/bookstore/bar is thinking about up there. You can hear clips from her songs or download them at this Amazon link.




Icon FetchArizona native Lucy Billings has just released her second album, No Other Road, featuring her personal yet melodic songwriting. The record was warmly produced by John Jennings, who's worked his magic on several of Mary Chapin Carpenter's best CDs. Billings talks with Icon Fetch about how she got hooked up with the producer, and gives us some of the stories behind her songs.