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ronioMy new CD, "Carry the Water" (produced by John Jennings) is mastered and I'm busily preparing for a May, 2014 release. Stay tuned for some pre-release tidbits and further info. I'm excited about sharing these new songs with you!


Happy 2014! It's the Year of the Horse! In November, I had the great pleasure of working with Diane Graham on the cover photos for "Carry the Water." She introduced me to her horse “Ronio” and I just had to get some pictures! Ronio is one cool horse. His ears perked up the minute he saw Diane’s camera. And we were blessed with the backdrop of a gorgeous Tucson sunset.


Thanks to Diane and Ronio for this photo that makes me smile each time I look at it.



Reviews of Lucy's 2011 Release, "No Other Road"


Released January, 2011 from Sassy Time Records… "NO OTHER ROAD" by Lucy Billings


"When Lucy Billings' crystal clear voice kicked in I thought this might be a special disc….All through this album are some wonderful lyrics….(and) John Jennings has done a stunning job. The sound mix is wonderful, one of the very best of recent years.

As things start to wind down, I don't want Lucy Billings to stop singing. I just can't find anything wrong with this superb disc. The songs, vocals, backing-tracks, production, and sound mix are all near to perfection. 2011 has got off to a wonderful start." (5 STARS)



"Her convincing ways with words carry over like a dream…. Billings' easygoing manner, the somewhat Gaelic lilt to her clear voice, and her Arizona desert upbringing afford her songs on "No Other Road' an unusual attractiveness…. pay attention from here on out to the pretty, flame-tressed Lucy Billings." - Tom Clarke, HITTIN' THE NOTE


"Billings has a knack for writing songs that make you feel like you are part of the story, yet she injects enough melody to keep them memorable....real music played by real people....the instrumentation is tasty throughout, the production is warm...Earthy and inviting, "No Other Road" is a great listen by an up and coming artist." - Tony Peters, ICON FETCH


"Billings' interplay with Jennings is oft complex and compelling…And when I say the crimson-haired chanteuse warbles sweetly, I'm not joking; it's almost like your mother telling stories to send you off to sleep with sugar and a smile…Everyone is in fine fettle throughout No Other Road, and thus it's damnably hard to pick a top contender from the pack…so I won't." - Mark S. Tucker, FAME


"A boomer with a heart and a populist bent, Billings is the package. A right on rocking singer/songwriter…. If we gave out stars, we'd give her five out of five. A winner." - Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD


"Lucy Billings has created a charming album of personal reflections concerning her life's twists and turns. She is a country artist pure and simple. Her vocals are clear and can soar when necessary and create an intimate feel when required…as she draws upon various experiences from her personal life journey." - David Bowling, BLOGCRITICS.ORG


"Incisive lyrics that cut to the heart of each subject… Lucy Billings writes with the confident air of a practiced story-teller. Her voice puts you at ease right out of the gate, and the arrangements she crafts for her songs are complete, complex…. Without pretense, Billings lays out her songs almost as if she's talking to her best friend…. gives her performances an air of authenticity that can't be bought." - Wildy Haskell, WILDY'S WORLD


"The perfect-for-dancing 'Goodbye Baby' is a great example of her knowing and appreciating the finer details of the genre." - Chris M. Junior, MEDLEYVILLE


"Combining unique, real-life stories with inviting vocals, great harmonies and an all-star cast of musicians…'No Other Road' boasts some exquisite arrangements. Billings' songs are filled with energy, optimism, compassion, courage and humor." - J. Morris, THE BARD CHORD



"No Other Road" was produced by acclaimed producer John Jennings, best-know for his work with Mary Chapin Carpenter.


In addition to his own talents on guitars, piano, bass, percussion and harmony vocals, Jennings enlisted an "A-Team" of studio musicians to add some wonderful contributions to the album's sound, including John Carroll (piano), Robbie MacGruder (drums), Lloyd Maines (pedal steel guitar), Brent Truitt (mandolin) and Stuart Duncan (fiddle). The tracks were recorded at Jennings' studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, and mixed at Bias Studios near Washington, DC, by Bob Dawson and mastered by Mike Monseur. Additional vocal tracks were recorded at OTR Studios outside of San Francisco under the guidance of Cookie Marenco.


The songs on No Other Road are framed by the images of her childhood, with many coming from those life experiences and highlighting Billings' knack for using her songs to make the stories come alive. One such song, "Daddy's Last Drive," was written after her dad passed away from a heart attack while driving in rural Indiana, and the car – strangely enough – continued to travel across the countryside until it came to rest in the middle of a lovely meadow. "I had to write this song to capture this amazing story, and more importantly, as a tribute to my dad – a man who lived his life his own way," says Billings.


"Let's Not and Say We Did" was inspired by Lucy's mother, who figured out a diplomatic way to say "no" to her children. "Rear View Mirror" is about losing a job, letting go of the illusions of love and just trying to move on. "My Caballo" grew out of Lucy's affection for the horses that have been prominent in her life. The song takes the listener on a journey through the humorous adventures of a young girl and her equine friends. 'From the Bottom Looking Down" showcases her own personal experiences in the current economic downturn. And on a more positive note, the album title comes from a chorus in the song, "Blue Highway," about a family member who despite the struggles, remains steadfast in finding his own path.